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First of all, if you are reading this, chances are you have your eyeballs deep in crazy wedding planning hell. Take a moment, ignore the millions of tabs you have open on your browser, they no longer exist. Forget about the banquet planner who won't return your calls, the pressures of pleasing your soon-to-be-in laws and all the options, options, options. Take a deep breath (I'm serious!) exhale. Feeling better?

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Told with Heart.

My name is Nigel. I'm a photographer based in Singapore. I'm also a filmmaker, advertising creative, husband and a wedding-day-survivor. The Monogamist is the portfolio of photography and video work I have made for soon-to-be-married couples such as yourself.

Nigel, The Monogamist is one-of-a-kind (I think). If you want to read why, you can click here. If not, please scroll down and I'll explain how we can work together to create something really special for you and your spouse-to-be.


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The wedding planning process was very stressful for us, I really appreciate how patient and attentive Nigel was throughout the whole process.
we were entranced by how you could our story in a way that was so authentic, raw and real. This was unlike any of the templated stuff we’ve seen elsewhere.
— Annette Sim
Shohei and I were living in Japan at that time and we thought getting Nigel to create our engagement video was a stretch. But he managed to come up with a concept that totally took us by surprise. He really managed to capture our dynamic as a couple.
It was simple, genuine and tastefully raw. It’s just so us. My friends and family loved the video so much.
— Tan Pei Shi



It's all about the both of you. Many wedding photographers and videographers tend to forget that for some reason. The only way for your photographs and video to be an honest representation of you guys is if we get to know each other; I want to know your story, your family story and all the things that are important to you. The better we connect, the better your stories can be told.



About Me


Because I don't do many weddings a year, I guess it's more accurate to call me a part-time wedding professional. On my non-wedding hours I work on a whole bunch of other things, from regional advertising campaigns, to personal photography projects. I enjoy working on weddings and I hope it shows in the work you’re about to see. I always say to my friends, "It's work that's about love, for people who are in love, made with love." isn't that a great way to earn a living?